Inner Design, Garrity+Accardo Architects


Owner, Co-Owner


Donna Accardo, of Inner Design, is a trained facilitator and area coordinator for The Way of the Heart, an organization dedicated to supporting individual and collective life purpose and creating a more empowering and beautiful life.


In addition to Inner Design, Donna is a licensed architect and co-owner of Garrity+Accardo Architects in Gretna, LA.  Her love of Architecture gives her a natural inclination to look for processes that give a clear blueprint of how to explore our deepest self, reclaim our inner gifts and become more productive and effective in our relationships – community, business and personal relationships.


Donna offers personal sessions, workshops, and training opportunities for developing personal growth skills and learning to use energetic tools that empower individuals to create the lives that they most desire. 


What Donna stands for, (and the reason that she shares this work with others), is for people to live more consciously and with more choice in their lives.  Her wish is to support you in living your life elegantly and skillfully, to help you achieve excellence at whatever you are here to do, and to do it with more joy and grace.