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Emily Dodart, LLC / The Divorce Resource Center for Women




After being away from the workplace for 8 years to focus on her family, Emily Dodart decided to start 2 ventures:  Emily Dodart LLC and The Divorce Resource Center for Women.

Emily Dodart LLC started as a small business to help individuals with their home office and financial organization. It was built off Emily’s passion to help people decipher what causes them stress and problems in their personal financial world and create new systems to relieve those issues.

The business has grown and now Emily primarily focuses on bookkeeping and accounting for small businesses. Her clients range from construction companies, to apartment management businesses, Human Resource Consultants, legal placement firms and law firms. She creates and maintains her clients’ accounting, invoicing systems, payroll, and acts as a general financial manager.  

The idea for The Divorce Resource Center for Women (DRCW) came to Emily after going through her own divorce in 2014. She saw first-hand the need for a place in New Orleans where women could go for guidance and support as they navigate divorce. In 2015 Emily officially launched DRCW, a 501c3 non-profit that offers women resources, information, referrals, and hand holding.  In the past 3+ years the DRCW has worked with over 80 women and is expanding its services to a monthly educational seminar on what to expect while going through a divorce.