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Maureen McGrath Zimmerman is a brand, marketing and retail executive who worked at Saks and QVC leading very successful product design, development and merchandising teams before moving to New Orleans with her husband, John.


In the course of her retail career, Maureen has developed, marketed and sold over $3 billion dollars’ worth of apparel, accessories, products and services and now spends her time helping Louisiana-based companies to become leaders in their individual markets.  


Maureen develops dynamic teams for each of her specific clients to dramatically increase sales of their products and services while increasing and enhancing their brand position in their competitive verticals.


A multi-faceted player, Maureen consults in the areas of business development and strategic planning with significant expertise in the areas of retail, e-commerce, bricks and mortar, social media, product development, manufacturing, sourcing, logistics, merchandising and brand positioning. As you might expect, her category expertise is also wide, including legal/attorney practices, food, beauty, retail, health & fitness, apparel, accessories, home goods to name a few. She recently secured multi-year licensing deals for several of her clients with major retailers and sports teams.


Maureen lives with her Creative Director husband, John, and her Eclectus parrot, Peetey