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Shannon Heigle is a mom, a wife, an animal lover, an intuitive, and a person who believes that you have the ability to heal whatever it is that isn't allowing you to live your highest ideal life.  After graduating from Louisiana State University and practicing interior design for many years, she found her true passion - health and healing.


Through her own journey, Shannon has studied several healing modalities - BodyTalk, Bioset, Reiki and Life Coaching, to name a few - and has seen amazing transformations in her clients over the last 9 years. Nothing lights her up more than seeing her clients lives improve.  


Shannon is a chronic learner, studying all she can that can improve her healing practice. She couldn't be where she is without the support of her husband John and daughter Chloe. In her free time she loves being outdoors, reading and  spending time with her two dogs, Charlie and Sage.